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Current Wholesale BioBundles


The Aquatic BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Aquatic BioBundle consists of: 

  • 2- Large Octopus

  • 6- Small Octopus

  • 6- Octopus Tentacle

  • 4- Small Squid

The Dissection BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Dissection BioBundle consists of: 

  • 3- Dissected Fetal Pig (Medial Cut)

  • 2- Dissected Fetal Pig (Open Rib Cage)

  • 2- Dissected Frog

The I.T. BioBundle


The ScientificWoman I.T BioBundle consists of:  

  • 3- Interactive Taxidermy Turtle (Removable Shell, Exposed Organs)

  • 2- Interactive Taxidermy Pig Brain (Removable From Wooden Mount)

  • 1- Interactive Taxidermy Fetal Pig in Uterus (Removable Fetus From Uterus)

The Organ BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Organ BioBundle consists of: 

  • 3- Brain (Pig)

  • 3- Tongue (Pig)

  • 2- Heart (Pig)

  • 2- Intestines and Mesentery Tissue (Pig)

The Fetal BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Fetal BioBundle consists of: 

  • 1- Dissected Pregnant Rat with Fetuses

  • 5- Single Fetal Pig in Uterus

  • 3- Twin Fetuses in Uterus


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