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Email us at Minouyebusiness@gmail.com to request a wholesale price list for all available individual items and BioBundles.

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  • All prices subject to change
  • Minimum order $100
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Current Wholesale BioBundles


The Aquatic BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Aquatic BioBundle consists of: 

  • 2- Large Octopus
  • 6- Small Octopus
  • 6- Octopus Tentacle
  • 4- Small Squid

The Dissection BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Dissection BioBundle consists of: 

  • 3- Dissected Fetal Pig (Medial Cut)
  • 2- Dissected Fetal Pig (Open Rib Cage)
  • 2- Dissected Frog

The I.T. BioBundle


The ScientificWoman I.T BioBundle consists of:  

  • 3- Interactive Taxidermy Turtle (Removable Shell, Exposed Organs)
  • 2- Interactive Taxidermy Pig Brain (Removable From Wooden Mount)
  • 1- Interactive Taxidermy Fetal Pig in Uterus (Removable Fetus From Uterus)

The Organ BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Organ BioBundle consists of: 

  • 3- Brain (Pig)
  • 3- Tongue (Pig)
  • 2- Heart (Pig)
  • 2- Intestines and Mesentery Tissue (Pig)

The Fetal BioBundle


The ScientificWoman Fetal BioBundle consists of: 

  • 1- Dissected Pregnant Rat with Fetuses
  • 5- Single Fetal Pig in Uterus
  • 3- Twin Fetuses in Uterus

More info:

All ScientificWoman BioBundle wooden plaques are available in the following colors: Black, Dark Cocoa Brown, White Wash.

BioBundles are designed to provide themed groupings of our most popular products at a great value.

You may also mix and match individual items offered in the ScientificWoman Wholesale list as long as the order meets the minimum requirements. 

See our "Gallery" for reference pictures of the individual items offered in the ScientificWoman Wholesale list.

The items depicted in the above photos are examples of the products that we carry. Your order will consist of items similar to those depicted.

*ScientificWoman BioBundles offer an advantageous value*

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