How are these art pieces created?

Each ScientificWoman creation is hand made by Mikayla, a biological artist, see our "About" page for a further description of the process.

Are these specimens responsibly sourced?

ScientificWoman works diligently to ensure that each art piece is created with all ethically sourced specimens.

How do I carry ScientificWoman art in my oddities/antique shop?

If you are a fellow business and would like to carry ScientificWoman art pieces in your store please take a look at our "Wholesale" page for instructions and information.

I would like a piece of ScientificWoman Biological Art that I don’t see available in your shop. How can I do that?

Great! Just email us (see "Contact" page) with some details of what you may be looking for and we can offer more information and initiate the ordering process for your custom order.

Can I alter a piece of ScientificWoman art once I receive it?

ScientificWoman art is created in a way that ensures that the specimen will remain in beautiful condition for decades to come- altering ScientificWoman art in any way may damage the item or negatively hinder its lifespan. Non-invasive alterations (ex: adding further decorations to the wooden plaque) are acceptable as long as they do not disrupt the specimen. Altering a ScientificWoman art piece resulting in damage of the specimen will not be met with a refund.

Do you sell specimens not on wooden mounts?

No. At one point, in the infancy of the development of ScientificWoman, unmounted specimens were sold. It was when I realized they were being used in other creations and I was not being credited at all that I need to stop that cycle and specifically sell my work as my own:)

Can I go to my local oddities store to buy your items?

Of course! Many stores now carry ScientificWoman art! Ask your local oddities shop if they carry ScientificWoman Biological Art and Interactive Taxidermy.

Do I need to take special care of my new ScientificWoman art piece?

ScientificWoman art is very durable, but like any work of art- there are a few things to avoid. Avoid getting your ScientificWoman art wet and try not to display your pieces in a high moisture environment (ex: bathroom or kitchen). Like any art piece, dropping it can cause great damage, handle your pieces with care. All orders will receive a care sheet.

Is there a way to visit your studio?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not have a studio open to the public. However, ScientificWoman attends conventions regularly! See our Instagram for updates on all upcoming shows.

Will ScientificWoman have any new products in the future?

ScientificWoman is continuously researching and developing innovative ways to create new products.

Shipping Info:

What shipping method do you use?

ScientificWoman uses USPS Priority Mail for the shipping of all orders. This method is our chosen preference as it keeps shipping costs as low as possible while making sure your items make it safely to their new home. ScientificWoman expertly packages all orders.

What comes in my order?

All orders come with a care sheet, free ScientificWoman sticker and thank you note!

My item arrived damaged. What should I do now?

Shoot! We’re sorry to hear that! Email Minouyebusiness@gmail.com with pictures of the damage and we’ll do everything in our power to amend the situation.

Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, at this time we do not ship outside of the USA . Sorry for the inconvenience and we appreciate your interest in SW works.