The SW Mission

ScientificWoman allows access to the unique and unknown by offering innovative creations for everyone to examine the curious nature of life through Biological Art and Interactive Taxidermy.

Science of the Art

 ScientificWoman utilizes techniques that are an accumulation of specialized knowledge in the fields of anatomy, chemistry, biological preservation and physics. Specific dissection methods are utilized to optimize the perpetual naturalistic beauty of the specimen. Every cryodesiccated creature is uniquely processed and subjected to forces that include, but are not limited to, extreme vacuum pressures and temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit. This often lasts 80 hours in duration. Once the specimen has fully sublimated, it is introduced to a proprietary sealing procedure and structural reinforcement technique with a biopolymer developed by ScientificWoman to ensure the longevity of the art piece. Specimens are all ethically sourced.

The SW Story

In 2017, Northern California, ScientificWoman launched with the hope of spreading biological knowledgeart and experience by delivering a product never before seen. I set out with the belief that the most effective way to appreciate the mechanical nature of life is through examining the remarkable nature of death. In order to cultivate this exploration, I developed a product that provides access to the often unseen; specimens previously never in taxidermy form and the under appreciated internal anatomy of a creature. In the pursuit of delivering peculiar products that educate artistically, ScientificWoman continues to innovate the way we perceive life.

Artist/Owner Bio

Mikayla was born and resides in Northern California. As a child, she had a love for all forms of art. By the age of thirteen, her own art works were being sold at local art galleries. She later obtained what began as an internship in Berkeley and was mentored by the owner of a nationally known natural history store. On her first day, she was assigned to disarticulate and clean an Odd Fellows skeleton. It was at that moment the way she thought about death and life began to change.

Mikayla's mentor, a PhD in chemistry (who formerly worked under Wernher Von Braun), was of great inspiration to her. He opened her eyes to the beautiful study of natural history and the wonder hidden in all sciences. She had the opportunity to meet and befriend many well known authors and celebrities in a myriad of scientific fields. She spent countless hours performing dissections and more countless hours studying the facets of how life comes into existence and how it dies. This led to formal studies in Mortuary Science. Her interests also led to amassing her own personal collection of natural history items. She learned how to process taxidermy and repair some of her collection.

And this led to an idea...

The most fascinating and beautiful part of all living things happens in the inside- the engine and workings of the machine. Rarely is this seen on display. What if there was a way to have the softest of tissue show and freeze timelessly to keep permanently on display?  The fresh condition of life to always be available to study, admire, touch and use interactively.

ScientificWoman opened for business and in its infancy has accounts quickly accumulating throughout the United States. If this wasn't enough for Mikayla, she remains on her scholastic path in Mortuary Science with an interest in Forensics.

Mikayla's love of art and science is portrayed in every item produced by her company. Although what's really behind each piece of art is her philosophy of what she wants others to achieve...

"I want people to not be afraid of death. I want them to examine life and how it relates to death and how beautifully and perfectly they intertwine. They are meant to be and always will be as one."